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Jewelry collection - Bella.

Porcelain. Design by Wapa Studio.

jewelry collection - Flora.

Design by Wapa Studio.

Artful Dodger Variations (Series N.2).

Artful porcelain objects by Wapa Studio.

As a delicate and small bud vases trio or maybe as a new addition for your ceramic art collection. These contemporary porcelain containers are a result of my ongoing search for new ways of folding, assembling and transforming thin porcelain slabs into vivid objects. 

Each object is one of a kind and has its own unique curves and exceptional TWIST :) I used different kind of patterns, cut outs and some imagination to build the vessels.


P-Sack. Porcelain Vase with Gray Birds. Design by Wapa Studio.

"Porcelain Baskets" collection.
Porcelain Basket with gray Design by Wapa Studio.

Each vessel is Hand built from a thin porcelain slab. Impressed and filled with gray slip. Another lace patterned stripe of porcelain is added for decoration and flair.

The “Porcelain Basket Collection” includes 6 different sizes of bowls and in different textures and colors.